Scientific Study Discovers The State of Our Brain and Aging Process

Recent studies reveal surprising new information about the state of our brain and its fascinating aging process.

Medical science has always been studying the complex functioning of our brain with great admiration. However, with each discovery and understanding, new and complex workings are available, which we must once again begin to investigate.

brain in the hand of a physician
The investigation was based on studies in mice and humans.

A new method for determining the brain’s aging process has been discovered and recently published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation.

This study revealed that reduced brain vascular function is related to changes in cerebrovascular vessels. Dr. Luisa Iruela, the lead author of this study, found this to be very significant. This provides new information to better understand the psychological aging process of people.

The study analyzed brain aging.

How Was the Study Done To Learn About the State of Our Brain?

To perform this study, the scientists injected young cells into mice and examined the reduction of signaling in Notch3 pathways in the brains of the animals.

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physician examining an x-ray of a brain

MRI and blood tests showed that reducing a specific neuronal signaling pathway affected calcium regulation levels in both mice and humans. As a significant consequence, blood vessels found it increasingly challenging to contract effectively. In addition, this led to problems of microaneurysms and a lack of dilation, along with other impacts on the individual’s lymphatic and vascular systems.

With the new information gathered, the scientists confirmed that in the near future. It will be possible to assess the aging process of neurons and the brain itself with increasing accuracy. Each future study will bring fantastic information to understand better the aging process many have tried to stop. Therefore, all we can do is keep investigating.