Losing Weight Without Regaining It According to a Scientific Study!

Losing weight without regaining is a topic that never goes out of style, but there is good news. Scientists reveal the key to losing weight and what needs to be done not to regain it!

Have you ever wondered how to avoid gaining back the weight you’ve lost? If so, then it means that you are one of the many who, at some point in your life, have wished to fulfill one of the most recurring purposes of humanity. Yes, you can get rid of those extra pounds and lose weight without recovering them again.

A scientific study conducted by NIH professionals and published at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases in the United States revealed what would be the “key” to lose weight definitively since it includes what must be done never to recover those lost pounds.

Doctors and other researchers who participated in this scientific study managed to shed more light on the correct way to lose weight. That is, the right way to lose weight without risking health. It is essential to remember that the diet to be performed is based on a healthy diet, and as we always mentioned, under the supervision of a doctor or trusted health professional who can provide a personalized guide, especially for those with pre-existing illnesses or health problems.

Losing Weight Without Regaining It

How to Lose Weight Without Getting It Back

After analyzing all the information and the results of the study, the doctors and nutritionists of the NIDDK concluded the safest way to lose weight and not recover it again is by following a healthy diet that contains fewer calories than was previously consumed. One tip that will help is to avoid foods that give you empty calories, such as ultra-processed foods since they can also cause inflammation. Along with this, remember to exercise as much as possible. If you spend the whole day at your desk, you can still perform some desk exercises without standing up.

Losing Weight Without Getting Fat Again

The conclusions of the studies suggest that more than dieting to lose weight, it seems that the “key” or “trick” to lose weight safely and definitively is to change the lifestyle that led us to be overweight in the first place. It sounds very logical once you think about it and is the most reasonable thing you can think of. Your body will always use the sugar for fuel, not the fat. But reducing the sugar will force your body to look for additional fuel, and only then will it use the accumulated fat.

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Tips to Lose Weight in a Safe and Healthy Way

When we realize that the cause of our overweight was due to an incorrect lifestyle, bad habits, and eating ultra-processed food, which led us to suffer from poor health, now, it may be easier for us to make the wise decision to put an end to this circle once and for all. If that is the case, the following tips to lose weight safely and healthily, given by health professionals, can be the starting point to regain good health and the desired figure.

Try the Following Tips for Losing Weight Without Regaining

Set a realistic goal: When starting to lose weight, especially during the first few weeks. Health professionals recommend losing only one-half to two pounds per week. Setting a realistic goal will help the weight loss process to be more natural, safe, and prolonged.

Choosing healthy foods: One of the most likely causes of sustained overweight is consuming processed and high-calorie food. So, to lose weight safely and definitively, specialists recommend adopting a diet rich in nutritious foods. Hopefully of organic origin, as balanced as possible. This should include varied portions of fruits, vegetables, grains, and foods rich in lean proteins.

More Tips

Self-control of portions: One of the causes of overweight is the excess consumption of calories. To avoid making erros, you should consume food in recommended quatities based on yout size, gender, and age, instead of eating portions that are too large. So another logical advice experts give is to learn to control the size of the food portions you will eat. Choose to eat smaller portions using a smaller plate. Get into the habit of reading the nutrition labels on the foods. By reading the labels before you buy, you’re aware of their composition and calories lost. According to NIH experts, this will help you avoid overeating and start choosing smaller portions.

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Exercise: Make exercise part of your daily routine. If you don’t like going to a gym to exercise “outdoors,” set a goal to start walking, running, or playing a sport or physical activity that you enjoy. You could join a dance club, stop using the elevator, and start taking the stairs. In short, any physical activity you can include in your new lifestyle will contribute to your weight loss, help you maintain it over time, and help improve your overall fitness and health.

Maintain healthy habits: It is clear that to lose weight safely, it is essential to know how to adopt healthy alignment and exercise habits. But these are not only effective for weight loss but also for keeping the weight off. It is essential to start adopting Daily Habits To Improve Your Physical and Mental Well-Being as soon as possible to achieve the ultimate goal: to lose weight without gaining it back.