First Approved Medication to Treat Fatty Liver: Rezdiffra

This is Resmetirom (Rezdiffra), the first drug to treat metabolic liver steatosis or non-alcoholic fatty liver, which has just been approved by the US Drug Agency (FDA).

NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) is one of the most common liver diseases among men and women. The incidence rate of this disease is currently estimated to affect one in three adults worldwide. If we add to this the fact that it is a disease that does not cause symptoms and that these only begin to manifest themselves when the disease is already in very advanced stages. It is understandable that the news of the approval of a new drug for its treatment is something very important and celebrated by the medical community.

Metabolic Hepatic Steatosis or Fatty Liver

Fatty liver disease occurs when the liver begins to accumulate fat. Depending on the progression of the fat accumulation in the liver, it can be classified into three different phases or stages. During the first two stages or initial phases. It is more feasible to slow down the progress of the disease. In the third and last phase, the liver may stop functioning.

Stages or Phases of Fatty Liver

  1. First stage: The first stage of fatty liver disease is when the accumulated fat in the liver exceeds 5%.
  2. Second stage: The second stage of fatty liver disease is when the accumulated fat begins to produce liver inflammation.
  3. Third stage: Finally, the third stage of fatty liver disease is when the inflammation begins to produce fibrosis.
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First Approved Medication Treat Fatty Liver Rezdiffra Resmetirom

Rezdiffra: The First Medication Approved to Treat Fatty Liver

As mentioned in the FDA publication, the approval of the drug Rezdiffra is for the treatment of adults with moderate to advanced non-alcoholic, non-cirrhotic steatohepatitis with fibrosis (scarring in the liver). It grants for the first time a specific drug to treat this disease when it has already reached its third or final stage. Something long awaited and celebrated by the medical community, as expressed by Dr. Nikolay Nikolov, acting director of the Office of Immunology and Inflammation at the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. “Today’s approval of Rezdiffra will provide, for the first time, a treatment option for these patients in addition to diet and exercise.”

Characteristics of Resmetirom Drug

According to the analyzed results, Resmetirom is a drug that regulates lipid metabolism and significantly resolves liver fibrosis. It improves the function of the mitochondria (the cells’ power plants) and helps induce a decrease in LDL cholesterol. It can have very positive effects on the patient’s heart health and help prevent cardiac problems.

Nikolay Nikolov, M.D., acting director of the Office of Immunology and Inflammation in the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

“Previously, patients with NASH who also have notable liver scarring did not have a medication that could directly address their liver damage,..” 

In recent studies, it has been shown that resmetirom has been effective in reducing steatosis and liver inflation. But the most important and positive thing is what explains the positivism of the international medical community. The drug has improved fibrosis by 25% to 30% in patients with fibrosis. Making it a drug that has a potent ability to improve inflammation and eliminate fat in the liver. One of many things you can do to keep your liver healthy is to avoid ultra-processed foods that can also damage our brains.

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