The Best Time to Go Walking according to a Major US University

A major university conducted a comprehensive study to determine the best time to go for a walk. The results showed a time range in which our body can benefit from this healthy physical activity.

Regardless of age, walking is one of the best exercises experts suggest we should have as one of our priority physical activities. Frequently Walking helps us prevent disease, improve our heart rate, and gain and maintain muscle mass, among many other benefits. If we do it outdoors, that alone would add even more benefits because not only would our body, bones, muscles, and joints get their “dose” of benefits. But so would our mind, nervous system, and mood.

Is There a Better Time of Day To Go for a Walk?

Once we know how beneficial it is for our health to have a regular habit of going for a walk, many of us have asked ourselves: At what time of the day is better to go for a walk? Is there a time of day to go for a walk when you can get the most benefits? This is precisely what researchers at the University of Virginia asked themselves. They decided to carry out a complete study to reach an exciting conclusion!

The Best Time to Go Walking according to a Major US University

For this study, the University analyzed over 5,280 results from middle-aged men and women. Different aspects of their health and physical condition were taken as a reference. Other exciting factors also greatly influence the excellent. Or optimal use of the physical activity performed. Certain times of the day often interrupt and distract from effective exercise or physical activity.Emails, meetings, phone calls, messages, and social networks, among others, are some of the distractions considered by this analysis of the University of Virginia.

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This Is the Best Time To Go for a Walk

After analyzing the thousands of data collected, the research determined the following. The better time to walk or do some physical activity where the walk or physical routine is more productive and better used by our body. People also receive fewer distractions, thus facilitating a continuous and correct execution of the movements of the activity or exercise, thus enhancing its multiple benefits.

Walking in the Morning or in the Afternoon?

This study of more than 5,000 people found that the best time to walk or exercise is in the morning! The best time for a walk is between 7 am and 9 am. That is, before starting any work or student activity. Remember, you can also try walking barefoot and enjoy the benefits ot brings.

If you already implemented them in your exercise routine to perform them between this morning’s schedule, do not hesitate to continue! You are benefiting in a fuller way from your activity. If you are not going for a walk between 7 am and 9 am, you know that if you try to start your day by doing this good physical workout, you will get the best results!

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