5 Exercises To Prepare Your Body Before Running

You need to prepare your body before running. However, activating your body doesn’t require a specific environment or external resources. All you need is proper footwear, clothing, and motivation to get moving. Here’s how to start with simple exercises for an effective warm-up before a running session.

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Starting a physical activity at a gym or signing up for a class can be challenging with tight schedules and limited time. However, you don’t need a lot of money, strict hours, or additional equipment to start moving. All you need are comfortable shoes and clothing to practice a sport you can maintain over time and benefit from regular exercise.

Next, we provide a series of exercises you can perform at your convenience, in open or enclosed spaces, with or without equipment. The key is to perform them with proper technique and appropriate clothes.

Try These Five Exercises To Warm Up to Prepare Your Body Before Running

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1. Jumping Jacks

Jumping Jacks are ideal for warming up since they are easy to perform. They help improve endurance, coordination, and strength by working on joint mobility and increasing heart rate quickly. The exercise involves simultaneously moving both legs and arms by spreading them out and bringing them back in. The more you move the upper and lower body muscles, the higher the speed and body tension will be. Jumping Jacks can also be included in an active recovery period or even in HIIT training. This exercise is an excellent addition to any workout routine.

2. Skipping.

It is a basic aerobic technique that improves coordination, endurance, and balance while testing your breathing and muscle capacity.

3. Squats

To do it, quickly alternate, raising your knees to your chest as if you are running away. Second, try squats. They are practical and provide significant benefits by increasing leg strength. They can be done with or without weights, with the legs more open than shoulder-width apart (known as ‘sumo’) or in a normal position.

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The important thing is to maintain proper lumbar posture and descend slowly while focusing on feeling the work in the buttocks. Additionally, this exercise helps strengthen the abs, stabilize the muscles, and improve balance. Once the technique is mastered, weights can be added, and speed can be increased.

4. Stairs

Functional workouts can incorporate elements such as stairs, benches, chairs, or drawers. It is enough to find a safe and convenient surface, whether indoors, in a plaza, park, or gym, to incorporate this complexity into training. The technique involves performing slow and constant movements to increase the effort perceived by the leg muscles. Additionally, it strengthens your core.

5. Planks

The plank is one of the most effective exercises due to its multiple benefits. It strengthens the core, which is essential for performing daily tasks as it is where a large part of the body’s force is focused. Additionally, it strengthens the abs, back, and arms. To execute it correctly, it is essential to keep your breathing steady and focus on your balance, keeping the back upright. The technique can be performed laterally or classically, and you can even increase the difficulty level by putting weights on your back. The time can be increased if executed correctly, although the minimum is 15 seconds per repetition.

Ironing is one of the most functional exercises due to its multiple benefits. It strengthens the core, essential for carrying out daily tasks, as a large part of the pressure is focused there. Additionally, it strengthens the abs, back, and arms. To perform this exercise correctly, it is essential to keep your breathing steady and focus on your balance, keeping your back upright. The technique can be executed laterally or classically, making it more challenging by adding weights on the back. The minimum time per session is 15 seconds, but it can be increased if the technique is executed correctly.

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After a few minutes of performing simple and varied preparation exercises, we can prepare our muscles for a more demanding routine. Ensure you take the necessary precautions regarding your age, health, and health condition. Remember to get a good night’s sleep to recover from your intense exercise.